W Hotel Remodel

22 Apr

I have to give credit to Holly at decor8 because that is where I read about this, but I felt compelled to repost about it because after all it is in San Diego, my hometown!

The W Hotel San Diego is getting a little design refreshment from none other than Thom Felicia of “Queer Eye” fame…you can see his portfolio on his website; I love his style!

I visited this hotel to check out the interiors while I was still in design school and admired it then, but I can’t wait to see the new look!

Here is a picture of the main entry as it appeared on my visit a few years ago:

A very watery, geometric feel with lots of rhythm and repetition:

The lobby as it was then, looking towards the bar:

(This photo from the W website)

Again, rhythm and repetition in full effect, with the bar as a focal point.

And the proposed new look, towards the reception desk and main entry:

(Image via decor8)

Looking towards the bar:

(Image via decor8)

This is a great example of how you can change the look of a space without actually remodeling the building. I really like the new grouped seating arrangements rather than the one long line of chairs, and the new brighter colors.

Here is the veranda as it currently appears:

(This photo from the W website)

I believe this is the new version of that area:

(Image via decor8)

These colors look much more up-to-date and the overall effect is much more glamorous with the chandeliers and reflective surfaces.

And the new pool area–what a great place to spend an afternoon! I’m getting the urge to stay there, just for fun!

(Image via decor8)

I love renderings like this; I keep telling myself I need to take a class but I missed it this semester–next time for sure!

Holly has promised to post pictures of the redesign and maybe even an interview with Thom when it is finished. I will be sure to post a link here when that happens, and also some of my own photos because of course I will be going there to check it out! It is supposed to be finished in June–and I can’t wait to see it!


3 Responses to “W Hotel Remodel”

  1. Nevis April 23, 2008 at 8:14 am #

    Looks beautiful now…so I don’t understand redooing it. But the proposed new design is also gorgeous.

  2. Design for Mankind April 24, 2008 at 9:00 am #

    Oohhhh that looks fantastic. 🙂

  3. dish April 25, 2008 at 5:11 am #

    Yes, please. Sign me up for a loooong stay!

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