Happy New Year!

19 Jan


I’m back at last!  Yes I lagged at returning to blogging once again.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Year.  There is so much to look forward to in 2009…Usually I spend a little more time reflecting on what I’ve accomplished and what I want to do in the coming year, but this year I’ve been a little more short on time as we had out-of-town visitors, and I’m definitely more short on energy right now!

Instead I decided to try visual journaling as suggested by Lisa Sonora Beam in her book The Creative Entrepreneur.


There is also a website, which I have yet to fully explore, but looks like it has lots of great information to go along with the book.

I had read about this book on a couple of blogs–first at decor8, but what really brought it to my attention was the inspiring things being created by Melissa of PugNotes!  She wrote a few posts about exercises she was doing from the book and they looked so fun I decided to get the book for myself.

“Visual journaling” is something that I used to do all the time just for fun, but somehow got away from, and haven’t done in years.  Last year I did work on a business plan but it didn’t really “stick”.  I think this might work a little better for me.  Trying to express my ideas and dreams in a less wordy way, using pictures,color and other means of expression instead, will help me to think without thinking, if that makes sense.  It may help me to access what I really want and need to do a little more easily than just sitting and writing things down, or…thinking!  I think way too much for my own good sometimes!

So instead of resolutions this year, I’m creating a visual journal during the month of January, to help me create a roadmap for the year.  Here is a little glimpse of the beginnings of that:


I’m also participating in the Creative Every Day challenge, and keeping a daily creativity log to go along with that:

It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a little something every day–I counted making cookies one day, or blogging, or even wandering around and looking at things with an observant eye would work!

I figure this is enough to do while I’m waiting for the baby.  I have a lot of ideas for new things to try this year but I’m going to just see how it goes once he gets here.  I’m really not expecting to get too much done (ok anything) for the first couple of months at least, but we’ll see how it goes.  It may end up helping me to learn to make better use of the time I do have.  It’s also encouraging to me to know there are a lot of other moms out there who are running successful creative businesses and raising their kids at the same time–I feel like if they can do it, it is possible for me to do, too.

What are your plans for this year?  Are you doing the Creative Every Day challenge or something like it?  Please feel free to share!


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. melissa January 19, 2009 at 6:01 pm #

    hi liz!
    oh how wonderful! i love your pages and your plan! you are so inspiring!
    i have joined the create everyday challenge too.
    m & e

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