Mimi The Sardine

9 Nov

I’ve been looking into something to put on the floor while Noah eats.  It gets really messy and the floors are constantly sticky, it seems, even though I do wipe them down afterwards.  Maybe this is just another item to have to clean, but I thought I could just carry it to the trash/sink and then rinse it down.

The cutest ones I found are by a company called Mimi The Sardine.  Adorable company name and adorable products!  Just look at these:

Picture 49Jungle Print

Picture 50Propeller Print

Picture 51Flora Pink Print

I love their bibs too.  This Bay Area company uses cute, colorful fabrics sourced in Sweden then covered in an eco-friendly, washable acrylic coating for easy care.  I think the propeller one might be coming to our house soon!

Great for travel too…do any of you use something like this for your messy eaters?


One Response to “Mimi The Sardine”

  1. pugnotes November 10, 2009 at 3:18 pm #

    oh what a wonderful post!

    you always find the coolest things!

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