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Tea Towel Source

18 Jun

Psst!  I just have to share this source for stunning tea towels with you!  Tea towels…if you’re a fabric addict like me, I don’t need to tell you that they’re practical, beautiful, and fun.  A sizeable stash is an absolute neccessity.  I picked up a couple on our vacation, but on its first day out my new “wild pigs” tea towel (see below, it’s a gorgeous design!) got a hole burnt in it…

wild pigs

So, I went on a little trawl of the internet and found this incredible shop called To Dry For.  I seriously love almost every single item they have on their site…and they ship anywhere in the world!  Here are a few of my favorites:

allo allo

beach huts

give me sunshine


tea time

kensal green

our house

made in england

Oh how to narrow this selection down…even I don’t need that many new tea towels…and my bank account would definitely agree…

And they ship anywhere in the world!  I can see I will be spending some money here shortly…

Which are your favorites?

Jonathan Adler Bookends

11 Nov

I’ve been looking for some cute bookends for Noah’s room. He’s at the point where I can’t have books all over the accessible shelves anymore…he goes on a search and destroy mission for anything remotely within reach.

I found these…they are perfect and not expensive.

Picture 53

$12.95 at  I was able to get an additional 20% off with a coupon for new accounts I found online.  Love a good find like this!

2009 Calendar

3 Nov

So, I promised last time to tell you about one of the calendars I have picked out for next year.  There are many calendar roundups out there so you will have no trouble finding the perfect one for you, but I just had to show you this one because I love it so much.

It is the 2009 letterpress calendar by Ilee Papergoods:

I got a calendar from her last year and it is one of my favorite things to look at. She makes awesome cards too!  You can find them all in her etsy store.

By the way, if you are interested, here is Henri Hopper’s pick for the best calendar of 2009.

I’m Back!

23 Oct

Well, I didn’t actually go anywhere, but I wasn’t feeling myself for a while there…I hope my last post wasn’t too down; I didn’t mean for it to be, but I was really struggling with getting anything done!  Turns out, Melissa was right on with her comment that I should just go with the flow.  Because as it happened, I was just coming down with a cold, only I didn’t realize it!  I have taken this week pretty easy and now I’m feeling so much better and like doing things again!  Hooray!

My husband is very sweet to me and brings me flowers regularly–so yesterday I did something I like to do with a big bouquet–I made several smaller ones.  I find you can make much more interesting combinations than you often get from a standard store or florist’s bouquet, plus now I have two little arrangements in my office, one in the dining room, the living room, and one in the bedroom!

I’m happy I did take the time to make my inspiration board last week, too.  I’ve been having so much fun looking at it.  I think I was partly suffering from inspiration overload, with all the great stuff out there on the internet…I admit, sometimes I spend too much time looking at at what everyone else is doing and not enough time focusing on my own ideas. I think the inspiration board helped with that by letting me focus on images that are inspiring ME right now and creating a cohesive theme.

Here’s another thing I did this past weekend and I’m already feeling the benefit: I cut down my blogroll massively!  I just deleted all the blogs that I read only sometimes, wasn’t really enjoying anymore, or couldn’t even remember what they were. I made one folder for the ones I like to read just once in a while so that I don’t feel obligated to read every single one all the time.  Really!  I do that…it’s part of my perfectionist nature–I feel I must read every post that I can see.  So silly!  I just kept the ones that I really love love love to read, or are inspiring, or are friends.  And doing that cut my list in half and already has made me feel better!  Not to mention I have spent much less time following links to random things and feeling crazy!

My new & improved blogroll, via Google Reader (recommended)

There is one blog I had to add to my blogroll recently, and definitely did not want to do without: kris’ color stripes.  She makes the most beautiful artwork and I love the way she breaks down her inspirations into stripey color schemes!  Isn’t it an ingenious idea, not to mention a useful exercise for an artist/lover of color?  She is also selling a beautiful calendar for next year.  I must admit, I am tempted!

I really don’t think it’s too early to start thinking about calendars for next year.  I have had mine picked out for weeks already…well, one of them anyway.  I usually end up with several.  I will share it with you in my next post!


17 Oct

Well, I have to say that lately I just haven’t been feeling “it”.  Do you know what I mean?

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall, only I live in a place that doesn’t really get many seasons.  I know, San Diego is a beautiful place and I’m about to complain (just a little, teeny bit) about it!  Don’t hate me. 🙂  It’s just that I really love the change in seasons and fall is my absolute favorite.  Here in this desert by the sea, we get hot winds called Santa Anas instead of cold crisp air, sunny days and changing leaves.  And I don’t know what has happened to my work ethic, if I ever had one, but it seems to have vanished completely.  Maybe it’s being pregnant, who knows.  I just love pulling the pregnancy card!

But I knew I needed to do something, fast, to get my inspiration flowing again.  So I decided to create some inspiration boards for fall.  This is what I’m into right now:

I just gathered it all up and put it in one place.  Yes!  This is what I want to see and feel around me for fall!

Black, white and gray, with touches of warm pink and yellow, travel to foreign cities (I’m into that year-round though I must say), the rich color and flavor of fall fruits and other dishes, and natural rough elements like wood juxtaposed with delicate items of porcelain and glass, in white of course.  And just a hint of gothiness.  Is that a word?  Well I think it fits.

I am in LOVE with this print by artist Laura Su.  I found it on etsy.  Her dream is to be an artist…well I say help a girl out!  Her work is amazing.

I couldn’t wait to get the print and it is so beautiful.  Great quality, and it just speaks to me.  I would like to get another one, but that’s my art budget for this month.  Since I left my job to stay at home and work full time on my own business, I have had to cut back.  Which is totally fine; I am more than happy with my decision and feel very grateful to be in the position to even be able to try to do this (and still have a little fun money at all), I’m just frustrated with myself because I keep telling myself I need to MAKE things and be PRODUCTIVE but I’m just not motivated to do so!  It’s a real issue for me right now.

Anyway, I then moved all my inspiring objects into my office/studio and put them up on the boards so I can see them every day.

I love it.  This was a great way to feel a little excited about the season, regardless of the weather or the fact that I am still wearing flip flops. I think I am going to do this exercise every season.  Why not?  I think everything needs a little freshening now and again.

And then I found these as well.

So, while this did help me a little, my question to you is, how do you keep yourself inspired?  Do you make inspiration boards or books too?  Feel free to share!  And if you are an artist, what are your best tips for staying productive?  I’m anxious to know how some of you do it…I really am trying to get over this block I’ve been having!

Oh and by the way, we are finally getting a little of that crispiness in the air!  Love it…

Happy Friday!

10 Oct

So far, today has been a very good day.  After lunch with my two beautiful sisters:

I came home to find that all the wallpaper and fabric samples I ordered last week had arrived!  Fun!

Can’t wait to play around with these.

Happy Friday to you too and have a great weekend!

Sarah Palin’s Office…Hot or Not?

8 Oct

I had to laugh when I saw this over at Patricia Gray’s lovely blog:

She is running a little poll there where you can vote on whether you think this is a good look or not.  Just look in the right-hand column and scroll down.

Here are the results so far:

Why not add your 2 cents?  It’s good practice for November 4!