I Love This Bracelet!

12 Aug

I am really into this Rope Knot bracelet by Tanya Aguiniga right now:

Picture 43She makes the coolest things…



10 Aug

Well it’s Monday and a beautiful one at that.  So I thought I’d start the week off by sharing one of my favorite things–this print by Gennine:

Picture 33

She makes the most beautiful watercolor illustrations and collages.  I fell in love after seeing some of her work on etsy and I couldn’t get this one out of my mind.  Lucky me, my sister bought it for me and now I enjoy it in my house every day.

The color and detail in her work is just incredible…I love these fish:

Picture 35And this new Ocean Series too, available in her etsy store:

Picture 36

Gorgeous, no?  Not only does she create beautiful works of art, she crafts and she has the most amazing home in Mexico.  I love going through her flickr sets for inspiration.  Looks like she really is living her dream…I love that!

You can also see more of her work and life at her blog.  Happy Monday everyone!

New Pillows in the Shop!

6 Aug

This week I’ve been adding new pillows to my etsy shop.  The Camilla collection is now up:

camilla 1 3

And next week, I’ll be introducing Charmaine.  Stay tuned!

Batucada Jewelry & Home

4 Aug

My lovely Mom just returned from a month-long vacation on the East coast and she returned with presents!  This was my favorite:

Picture 25It’s a Petals bracelet by Batucada.  They are a company based in France, making beautiful things out of an “eco-plastic” material (not quite sure what that means, but their stuff is cool).

They have a range of bracelets and necklaces, and also some home accessories.  These placemats are my pick in that category:

Picture 26

Available at brooklyn 5 and 10.

On a bad day…

3 Aug

I like to make store bought bouquets into something better. Thanks to my sweetie for the flowers!


17 Mar

Walks on the beach with Henri have resumed:

Only this time, with an extra passenger.

I love using the sling to carry Noah. The motion and the sound of the waves lulls him to sleep and I’m free to enjoy the scenery and imagine what it will be like foe him to grow up here. It’s a good place, I think.

A New Addition

22 Feb

The pregnancy went so quickly, and now he is here!


It is truly an amazing experience getting to know this new little person.  

I hope to be back to more regular postings again soon, but it may be a while…