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24 Mar

I have been wanting to do this for a very long time now…experiments with pencil and watercolor:

A girl with a rather large nose…

Today, a woman with lovely auburn hair:


So much fun!  And as a bonus, can be completed during one baby’s naptime. 🙂


17 Oct

Well, I have to say that lately I just haven’t been feeling “it”.  Do you know what I mean?

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall, only I live in a place that doesn’t really get many seasons.  I know, San Diego is a beautiful place and I’m about to complain (just a little, teeny bit) about it!  Don’t hate me. 🙂  It’s just that I really love the change in seasons and fall is my absolute favorite.  Here in this desert by the sea, we get hot winds called Santa Anas instead of cold crisp air, sunny days and changing leaves.  And I don’t know what has happened to my work ethic, if I ever had one, but it seems to have vanished completely.  Maybe it’s being pregnant, who knows.  I just love pulling the pregnancy card!

But I knew I needed to do something, fast, to get my inspiration flowing again.  So I decided to create some inspiration boards for fall.  This is what I’m into right now:

I just gathered it all up and put it in one place.  Yes!  This is what I want to see and feel around me for fall!

Black, white and gray, with touches of warm pink and yellow, travel to foreign cities (I’m into that year-round though I must say), the rich color and flavor of fall fruits and other dishes, and natural rough elements like wood juxtaposed with delicate items of porcelain and glass, in white of course.  And just a hint of gothiness.  Is that a word?  Well I think it fits.

I am in LOVE with this print by artist Laura Su.  I found it on etsy.  Her dream is to be an artist…well I say help a girl out!  Her work is amazing.

I couldn’t wait to get the print and it is so beautiful.  Great quality, and it just speaks to me.  I would like to get another one, but that’s my art budget for this month.  Since I left my job to stay at home and work full time on my own business, I have had to cut back.  Which is totally fine; I am more than happy with my decision and feel very grateful to be in the position to even be able to try to do this (and still have a little fun money at all), I’m just frustrated with myself because I keep telling myself I need to MAKE things and be PRODUCTIVE but I’m just not motivated to do so!  It’s a real issue for me right now.

Anyway, I then moved all my inspiring objects into my office/studio and put them up on the boards so I can see them every day.

I love it.  This was a great way to feel a little excited about the season, regardless of the weather or the fact that I am still wearing flip flops. I think I am going to do this exercise every season.  Why not?  I think everything needs a little freshening now and again.

And then I found these as well.

So, while this did help me a little, my question to you is, how do you keep yourself inspired?  Do you make inspiration boards or books too?  Feel free to share!  And if you are an artist, what are your best tips for staying productive?  I’m anxious to know how some of you do it…I really am trying to get over this block I’ve been having!

Oh and by the way, we are finally getting a little of that crispiness in the air!  Love it…

I Finally Left the House!

12 Aug

This weekend I had the pleasure of actually going out for the evening! You see, the past couple of months I have not wanted to leave the house much at all (morning sickness will do that to you!)

Anyway, my friend Gloria told me about this gallery in Escondido that was having a show and someone she knows was having work in it and did we want to go? Yes we did. And I’m glad I did.

This was some of the best art I’ve seen in San Diego. And in Escondido of all places. I had actually never been to Escondido’s downtown and it’s very cute. Old-school department stores, restaurants, and Distinction gallery.

The gallery has several rooms for displaying art, plus there are artist’s studios there, where you can see art in progress and meet some of the artists. They also sell art online.

This particular show, Project 57, was to raise money for Lewy body dementia and all the works were tiny: just 5″ x 7″.

This was my absolute favorite:

“Keep Me Warm” by Scott Belcastro.

You can see more of his work on his blog. His pieces are a little bit fairy-tale, a touch melancholy but still full of hope, and all completely charming!

I also really like this one:

“Myself vs. Myself”

I seem to have a little thing for houses right now. Perhaps because of a series I have been working on about places I’ve lived, which I hope to be able to show you in the not-too-distant future…

New Illustration

23 Jul

Ok, so there has been some progress on the CS3 front, so what if it’s not with the Pen tool?

A new illustration of Henri:

It’s not quite there yet, but eventually it will find its way into the etsy shop. Hopefully before the moustache trend is over! 😉

Sotheby’s Auction: Latin American Art

15 May

Every so often Sotheby’s sends me an online auction catalog. Fine wines, rare watches, and art are just a few of the things they might have on offer at any given time and it’s kind of fun to browse through the catalogs to see what is for sale.

May 29 and 30 they are having an auction on Latin American art. For just about $10,000 up to over $2,000,000, you can call an original your own.

The $2+ million price tag, by the way, is for a piece entitled “Watermelon Eater”.

Not one of my personal favorites, but according to the catalog, iconic, a part of our collective unconscious, even.

I have less expensive tastes, mostly under $100K. 😉 Here are a few that caught my eye:

Tehuanas, by Rosa Rolanda.

Via Sotheby’s.

Sant Genís d’Agudells, Barcelona, by Joaquín Torres-García

via Sotheby’s.

En pose para el fotógrafo, by Arturo Pacheco Altamirano

via Sotheby’s.

This one is my absolute favorite. Yes, it’s the colors…I also like the shapes, the dark outlines, and the flatness of the background.

Retrato de una mujer, by Diego Rivera

via Sotheby’s.

I like the colors in this piece too, but it’s also that Rivera captured something about the woman herself that I like. I wonder who she was.

What about you? Which will you be taking home?

Corners of My Home, Part II

7 Apr

The tour of the corners of my home continues today in my office. In a recent post I mentioned I was refreshing it a little, so here are some of the results:

This is the wall above my computer. I just put these little pinboards up recently so they are not full yet. The cards are from various etsy sellers including acajou, kupkup and ashley g. The calendar, from ilee papergoods, was my favorite from etsy this year. I am obsessed with that red Schumacher fabric, and keep thinking of how I might use it somewhere…it would be nice in my living room. Or as wallpaper in my hallway–it also conveniently comes as a wallcovering. Here is a picture with more of the repeat:

Below is one of the corners where I try to always keep flowers:

These sweet peas are from the farmers’ market yesterday. The owl is from etsy seller tangerinechic, and while i love that lamp, which is from IKEA, it is too small in scale and I am still on the hunt for the right one. I have seen a couple of possibilities but if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

Nearby is my little forest corner:

For a while I had a thing for old advertising thermometers found on ebay. These are two that I like for the colors and subject matter. I also have a thing for tiny deer–if you are ever in Lemon Grove, San Diego, your visit is not complete without a trip to Salmagundi, an art and crafts shop which sells tiny deer, and countless other strangely useful items. The little pinecones came from a nearby park.

This little spot is my nod to the sea:

Living in San Diego, I have to at least acknowledge it! The print is by ashley g. Henri found that amazing sand dollar for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this next look at my little home, and the final pictures will be posted later this week!

Art Show

21 Mar

Just this past weekend, I entered one of my pieces in a local art show called Gluefoot. It’s at Bluefoot Bar in North Park, and for those of you in San Diego, it’s April 10th at around 7:30 or so!This is the piece that will be there:

The concept of the show was to bring together pieces involving collage. I’m excited to see what everyone else has made, and also, it’s my first show. 🙂

If you’re in town, hope you can make it!