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Baby’s Room Schemes

18 Nov

So, it is not quite complete but I couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak preview into the baby’s room:


My concept was inspired by the “This is…” books by M. Sasek, and is about international cities and travel.  Jon is from England and he and I have always loved to travel everywhere…I hope my baby will grow up to see the world because it’s an amazing place to be!

I didn’t want anything too “babyish” either…as you can see I have yet to pick fabrics for bedding, and I am deciding between wallpaper or a cityscape mural to put some color on the walls which right now are white.  I also need to either get a wardrobe or design a place for his hanging clothes because there is no closet in the room.

Quite a bit left to do…and I had better get on it!  The dr. is still deciding whether he thinks the baby will come early or not.  Personally, I’m guessing he is just a big baby, based on the men in my family–my husband is 6′ and quite hunky and my dad is 6′ 5″…although I have to say at this point, I would not mind if he decided to make an appearance a week or two early, if he is ready!

It’s a Boy…

25 Sep

Well, I promise not to make this blog just all about babies.  I mean, just because I am having one is no excuse to start going gaga over baby things 24/7, right?–at least not here.

But baby stuff is just so cute.

And this week, we found out we are going to have a boy!  I’m really excited about it.  I am excited for Jon, because I know he really wanted someone to watch sports with (let’s hope the kid likes sports!) and also, although I did not really care, I think I kind of wanted a boy too.

Now that we know what we are having, I can start really thinking about the baby’s room!  One of the funnest things!  I had already found some cute things but they were a little girly, like this rug:

Also this lamp in the hot pink:

I don’t know why I thought I was destined to have a girl!  There are so many girls in my family though and Jon has four sisters!

So I’m going to start with some new inspiration which I found on Design for Mankind’s lovely blog:

It’s by Sukie and available at the 1973 shop.  I think it would make a great poster, or lining for some shelves.

I also really like these trees and the furniture!

I’m not sure yet how to order, though…it comes from Holland.  But maybe they’ll ship.  Or I can use my handy painting skills.

Just more to think about…hopefully I will have a complete scheme to show you in the next few weeks!