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Mimi The Sardine

9 Nov

I’ve been looking into something to put on the floor while Noah eats.  It gets really messy and the floors are constantly sticky, it seems, even though I do wipe them down afterwards.  Maybe this is just another item to have to clean, but I thought I could just carry it to the trash/sink and then rinse it down.

The cutest ones I found are by a company called Mimi The Sardine.  Adorable company name and adorable products!  Just look at these:

Picture 49Jungle Print

Picture 50Propeller Print

Picture 51Flora Pink Print

I love their bibs too.  This Bay Area company uses cute, colorful fabrics sourced in Sweden then covered in an eco-friendly, washable acrylic coating for easy care.  I think the propeller one might be coming to our house soon!

Great for travel too…do any of you use something like this for your messy eaters?