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That England feeling…

22 Jun

We just got back from two weeks in England.  We took Noah to meet the family, went to a couple of weddings, and enjoyed summer in the sun.  I think England really is one of the most beautiful places you can be when the sun is shining.  All that rain makes everything so, so lush and green.

the house where we stayed in Norfolk

I think it’s having an effect on me.  My eye keeps catching on all these mad floral designs and I’ve got to have some of it for my casa.

Here’s an inspiration photo I found on flickr:

image by candy rose on flickr

It’s available for purchase in her etsy shop along with many other gorgeous prints.

Also at etsy, I found this Kindle case and some pretty earrings:

kindle case at etsy by seasidesew

rose earrings at etsy loleys

Urban Outfitters has a few lovely floral items right now; here are a few of my favorites:

potpourri duvet cover, $68

floral lace duvet cover, $68

faded rose rug, $18

Natalie Lete’s plate at Anthropologie:

gallery plate by Natalie Lete, $350

Zara Home has some vivid floral items I love:

florencia cushion at zara home

rosal table cloth and napkins at zara home

And for the full English effect, don’t forget the net curtains!  These are a pair I actually like from IKEA:

It’s not interiors, but have you seen Scarlett Johannson’s take on this trend?  Admittedly the woman would look gorgeous wearing an old sack but I think she pulls this look off perfectly.  The first is my favorite but I also love the cool blues and slightly mumsy look of the second photo:

Are you feeling it too?

On a bad day…

3 Aug

I like to make store bought bouquets into something better. Thanks to my sweetie for the flowers!

Happy Monday!

10 Nov

This weekend was definitely feeling fall at last with gray skies and rain.  So nice!  In keeping with that fall feeling, here are a few shots of a gorgeous flower arrangement I was given last week to inspire you…



The colors are stunning and perfect for the season.  This arrangement came from the wedding of a friend of a friend, and I was the lucky recipient!  I hear the wedding was amazingly beautiful…judging from just this arrangement I have no doubt that it was.  I’m not sure who did the flowers but when I find out I will post a link.

The weather is back to being sunny but that’s fine by me as we have visitors in town from England for the week and I’m sure they will appreciate having a break from the rain!

Wishing you all a lovely Monday and a productive week!

Corners of My Home, Part II

7 Apr

The tour of the corners of my home continues today in my office. In a recent post I mentioned I was refreshing it a little, so here are some of the results:

This is the wall above my computer. I just put these little pinboards up recently so they are not full yet. The cards are from various etsy sellers including acajou, kupkup and ashley g. The calendar, from ilee papergoods, was my favorite from etsy this year. I am obsessed with that red Schumacher fabric, and keep thinking of how I might use it somewhere…it would be nice in my living room. Or as wallpaper in my hallway–it also conveniently comes as a wallcovering. Here is a picture with more of the repeat:

Below is one of the corners where I try to always keep flowers:

These sweet peas are from the farmers’ market yesterday. The owl is from etsy seller tangerinechic, and while i love that lamp, which is from IKEA, it is too small in scale and I am still on the hunt for the right one. I have seen a couple of possibilities but if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

Nearby is my little forest corner:

For a while I had a thing for old advertising thermometers found on ebay. These are two that I like for the colors and subject matter. I also have a thing for tiny deer–if you are ever in Lemon Grove, San Diego, your visit is not complete without a trip to Salmagundi, an art and crafts shop which sells tiny deer, and countless other strangely useful items. The little pinecones came from a nearby park.

This little spot is my nod to the sea:

Living in San Diego, I have to at least acknowledge it! The print is by ashley g. Henri found that amazing sand dollar for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this next look at my little home, and the final pictures will be posted later this week!

Little Flowers

25 Feb

Flowers are some of my favorite things to have around. I usually like to have a small arrangement somewhere near my desk so I can look at them all day. Like this one:

This is the only color of Lantana that I really like. So vivid! And at the same time, so delicate.

Another thing I like to do is get a bouquet of flowers and separate them out into lots of little arrangements. From 3 $5 grocery store bouquets, I got these:

And all of these:

More than enough for all the rooms in my little house, although right now I am keeping them grouped together on the kitchen table because they look so cute together.

Don’t you love it? I like making little flower arrangements that look like they’re exploding out of the vase, just a little bit wild and definitely informal:

Flowers are from my patio garden and Tesco’s new Fresh and Easy stores (one just opened by my house and it’s pretty awesome, reminds me of England). Pottery and vases (in order of appearance) are from Mid-Century, A Handful of Wildflowers, and IKEA.

Purple & Lime

18 Jan

Or, berry and chartreuse.

This is a color combination that I think we will be seeing more of soon. I have been noticing a lot of chartreuse in accessories lately, and both of these colors in fabrics for spring.

One of my favorite blogs, decor8, touched on this a couple of weeks ago too, with lots of lovely pictures to go with. She’s noticed it too! I had been mulling this post over in my head for a while, so decided to go ahead also, since I had pictures of my own to show you!

I have had this combination in my bedroom for 3 years now, and am feeling the need to move on, but not before I wrote about these colors here. I just love them too much, and I wouldn’t even describe myself as a purple person. It was my favorite color as a child, and I went through a lavender clothing phase at about 16, but since then, not so much, discounting the purple imac I had in 1999. But it’s grown on me again recently.

I like a really warm purple, or a very deep one. My bedroom walls right now are:

which in my south-facing bedroom just glows, and I have a chair that is Danish Modern with nubby lime upholstery. And green lamps.

I got the image above from the Benjamin Moore website. The colors currently on their site are variations of purple! Coincidence? I think not. This color is hot right now.

It’s nothing new, however. It’s a color combination we see in nature all the time, and one that frequently floors me with its intensity:

This is from last year, outside my local Kinko’s. Incredible. Can’t wait to see it again this year.

Then there’s this, on my patio:

A classic San Diego sight.

And, most recently, these:

from the Hillcrest farmer’s market. I have no idea what these are (if you do, please tell me!) but once again, it was these colors together that got me.

They inspired a recent work:

Where have you seen them lately? And are they growing on you like they have on me?