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New Pillows for Fall/Winter 2008

26 Nov

They started like this:


But now the new pillow collections are finished!  I am thrilled to introduce to you:







And Camilla:



All of the pillows have been designed by me or in collaboration with Anna from Beebeary Interiors from upcycled and reclaimed designer fabrics.  They have been carefully handcrafted/appliqued by yours truly, and come with a 90/10 feather/down insert and zipper closure. Prices range from $118 to $150.

They are currently residing in a posh store in La Jolla:


But would love to go home with you!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday–I’ll be back next week!

Baby’s Room Schemes

18 Nov

So, it is not quite complete but I couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak preview into the baby’s room:


My concept was inspired by the “This is…” books by M. Sasek, and is about international cities and travel.  Jon is from England and he and I have always loved to travel everywhere…I hope my baby will grow up to see the world because it’s an amazing place to be!

I didn’t want anything too “babyish” either…as you can see I have yet to pick fabrics for bedding, and I am deciding between wallpaper or a cityscape mural to put some color on the walls which right now are white.  I also need to either get a wardrobe or design a place for his hanging clothes because there is no closet in the room.

Quite a bit left to do…and I had better get on it!  The dr. is still deciding whether he thinks the baby will come early or not.  Personally, I’m guessing he is just a big baby, based on the men in my family–my husband is 6′ and quite hunky and my dad is 6′ 5″…although I have to say at this point, I would not mind if he decided to make an appearance a week or two early, if he is ready!

It’s a Boy…

25 Sep

Well, I promise not to make this blog just all about babies.  I mean, just because I am having one is no excuse to start going gaga over baby things 24/7, right?–at least not here.

But baby stuff is just so cute.

And this week, we found out we are going to have a boy!  I’m really excited about it.  I am excited for Jon, because I know he really wanted someone to watch sports with (let’s hope the kid likes sports!) and also, although I did not really care, I think I kind of wanted a boy too.

Now that we know what we are having, I can start really thinking about the baby’s room!  One of the funnest things!  I had already found some cute things but they were a little girly, like this rug:

Also this lamp in the hot pink:

I don’t know why I thought I was destined to have a girl!  There are so many girls in my family though and Jon has four sisters!

So I’m going to start with some new inspiration which I found on Design for Mankind’s lovely blog:

It’s by Sukie and available at the 1973 shop.  I think it would make a great poster, or lining for some shelves.

I also really like these trees and the furniture!

I’m not sure yet how to order, though…it comes from Holland.  But maybe they’ll ship.  Or I can use my handy painting skills.

Just more to think about…hopefully I will have a complete scheme to show you in the next few weeks!

Time to Decorate…

24 Sep

We are all moved in…except for a few boxes here and there.  I find that unpacking all the little things and getting everything just so is the hardest part and takes me the longest.  It’s the perfectionist in me, I guess…does it look better here, or 2 inches to the left…??

So I won’t show you any pictures of the house just yet.  Instead I will tell you about the lovely time we had in Carlsbad and some of the ideas I have for the new place.

Our weekend away was so nice after a crazy weekend of moving.  The place we stayed, the Pelican Cove Inn, is definitely recommended.  It is in a great location just two blocks from the beach and a few blocks from downtown Carlsbad, and the owner, Nancy, is very hospitable and you can tell takes pride in making sure people enjoy their stay.  The rooms are clean and comfortable and the breakfasts were awesome!

Here I am before one of our walks on the beach:

Not the greatest picture, but there I know a few friends are interested to see how things are progressing with my “baby bump”.

Carlsbad has a beautiful beach, nice restaurants and good shopping.  I definitely recommend visiting if you are in the area.  Not to mention it has the famous Flower Fields (I think these are from March to May) and Legoland (a place I’m sure I’ll be visiting in the not-too-far-future!)

On our way home we stopped in Solana Beach at the Cedros Design District to get some inspiration for our new place.

I’m not into a totally Southwestern/rustic-themed look, but both Jon and I really liked this sofa:

I think if you took it out of its cowboy surroundings, and mixed it up with some modern metal furniture, some wood, a fluffy flokati rug, etc. it could be really cool.  The leather on it was perfectly distressed and it really is a work of art–a $12,000 one.  Oh well, the little leather sofa we’re planning on picking up at IKEA will do just as well, I think.

At Solo, which is a shop I really love, I spotted this pouf which I think just might make the final cut:

I think this will look better with a plain leather sofa anyway!

Unfortunately, it seems quite a few stores are going out of business, and having clearance sales.  Which means good prices.  We need a new spot for our TV or maybe a room divider between the living and dining rooms, and found this sideboard, priced at 50% off:

We also stopped by the antique mall where I fell in love with this table:

I think it’s the colors and the pattern both!  So cute…

We left with plenty of things to consider…I will be working on a “plan” over the next few weeks and can’t wait to share with you what I come up with!  I guess moving into a new place is fun, after all!

A New House…

20 May

As you may or may not know, Jon & I have been house-hunting for a few months now. The market in San Diego is finally reaching a more realistic level and we have been wanting our own place for a long time. When we lived in England we lived in a cute little brick row home and we (I should probably say I as I’m not sure Jon thought so) had so much fun redecorating and making it our own.

Photo via isisbridge at flickr.

The above isn’t a picture of my exact house– I couldn’t find any pictures– but it might as well be; it was just like that.

One of the things I love about living in different places is that each home is different–I feel that each place actually tells you how it wants to be decorated. Not exactly literally, but almost. For example, that house in England had a completely different light and a different feeling than the loft I lived in in Brooklyn:

Photo via flickr (if you know who please tell me)

or my sunny apartment here in California. It wanted different colors & different textures than I would have used elsewhere. Grays, moody purples and mushroom colors just looked right there, as did the textures of rustic wooden floorboards, exposed brick, and slate. Even a little bit of chintz…

So needless to say one of the things I am most excited about when we move house is the opportunity to do something different. And I imagine different things for every house we look at, which so far have included a new-build, very open & light-filled condo in Golden Hill:

(which would have been fantastic with dark wood floors, white and splashes of color everywhere), a Spanish-style 1930’s home with fruit trees and a statue of Mary in the front yard:

another Spanish-style home with city views and ocean breezes:

(both an opportunity to do something eclectic and bohemian, mixing traditional with new), and, most recently, a 1950’s ranch style place with giant windows and a beautiful yard:

(I’m thinking light floors in this one, and modern with a twist, not a period-piece!).

Wherever we end up, I can’t wait to share the transformation with you. I just hope I can get it all done before I get bored with my original concept! Yes, I’m one of those…

Rendering & Jeremiah Goodman

25 Apr

I’ve always loved interior design, even before I knew what it was. I had no idea that such a profession even existed, but I used to describe to my grandmother my plans for the redecoration of her house, and build homes for my Teddy Grahams to live in. I loved dollhouses, and one of my favorite games was to imagine my dream house in minute detail, room by room.

It’s really no surprise that I’ve ended up doing what I’m doing, but I got here in a pretty roundabout way. When I was living in New York a few years back, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do but I was OBSESSED with interior design magazines and books. One day I discovered the wonderful renderings of Jeremiah Goodman. There was a show on–I never went, and I still regret that I missed out on a chance to see his work in person!

I was reminded of it the other day, as I flipped through a magazine. There was an article on his beautiful work.

I mentioned in my last post how much I appreciate beautifully done renderings. (I’m also a painter). I’m just in awe at how beautiful they can be. As much as I love computers, some hand work simply can’t be replaced. That’s why in my own practice I still like to use hand drawings. Sometimes I just use CAD to trace because a hand drawing has a certain charm, and personality, that computer drawings just..don’t.

Here is an elevation I did for the project I mentioned a while back–it’s almost done and pictures will be posted asap, I promise!

It’s one of my first tries at rendering and I harbor NO delusions that it compares in any way to the work shown above–in fact, I can’t even believe I’m showing you my work on the same page as his; it’s laughable, but you have to start somewhere, right? I’m definitely going to take a rendering class, soon! Perhaps a watercolor class would be in order, as well!

So many things to learn…so many things to create!

Tell me, how do you all find the time to do all the creative things you want to do? Or are you like me, and the list is never-ending, and in fact keeps growing?

Corners of My Home, Part II

7 Apr

The tour of the corners of my home continues today in my office. In a recent post I mentioned I was refreshing it a little, so here are some of the results:

This is the wall above my computer. I just put these little pinboards up recently so they are not full yet. The cards are from various etsy sellers including acajou, kupkup and ashley g. The calendar, from ilee papergoods, was my favorite from etsy this year. I am obsessed with that red Schumacher fabric, and keep thinking of how I might use it somewhere…it would be nice in my living room. Or as wallpaper in my hallway–it also conveniently comes as a wallcovering. Here is a picture with more of the repeat:

Below is one of the corners where I try to always keep flowers:

These sweet peas are from the farmers’ market yesterday. The owl is from etsy seller tangerinechic, and while i love that lamp, which is from IKEA, it is too small in scale and I am still on the hunt for the right one. I have seen a couple of possibilities but if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

Nearby is my little forest corner:

For a while I had a thing for old advertising thermometers found on ebay. These are two that I like for the colors and subject matter. I also have a thing for tiny deer–if you are ever in Lemon Grove, San Diego, your visit is not complete without a trip to Salmagundi, an art and crafts shop which sells tiny deer, and countless other strangely useful items. The little pinecones came from a nearby park.

This little spot is my nod to the sea:

Living in San Diego, I have to at least acknowledge it! The print is by ashley g. Henri found that amazing sand dollar for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this next look at my little home, and the final pictures will be posted later this week!

Corners of My Home, Part I

3 Apr

One of my favorite design blogs is design for mankind. And one of my favorite features is the monthly inspiration e-zine that Erin puts out, which you should download immediately right here.

It is just that–inspiring! I “read” the new issue (I need a new word here, because really it’s all about the pictures, and you don’t read pictures, and “looked at” isn’t quite getting it either. I need a word for “I drank it with my eyes”– “devoured” comes sort of close I guess; any suggestions?), and it was total eye candy (but again, “candy” sort of conveys cheapness. More like “eye 100% RDA”).

Anyway, I really enjoyed the last two issues, but I especially enjoyed this one because the focus is on inspiring areas in peoples’ homes. As someone who thinks about interior design pretty much constantly, getting a glimpse into the creative spaces of others was a real joy! They were all beautiful , but I wanted to share a few that resonate the most with my own style, listed in the order in which they appeared in the e-zine:

This is in Bethany’s home:

What I love about this are the colors and the layering of pattern on pattern. The glimpse of her ingenious jewelry display in the mirror is great and I love the splash of red in the necklace on the lamp. But I think what makes this photo for me is the way the wall actually appears green fading into yellow. The green really sets off the red in an unexpected way. She is one creative lady…she even has an etsy store.

Here is Bridget Pizzo’s dining area:

She is a photographer and stylist, can you tell? You can see more of her work here. There are several things I love about this photo, starting with the colors again; I just love the way citrusy yellow looks against pale gray, and I love how you see the same colors repeated in the next room. It looks so fresh, airy and spacious. In addition, there appears to be a pug in the distance, and if you ask me, pug=success.

This room is in Rachel Saldana’s house:

I love the color, which she mentions is Bird’s Egg by Benjamin Moore, a color I considered for my last project. It’s the most perfect blue, and the trellis pattern looks great with it and her china. Such a peaceful little corner! You can see more of her work and photographs on her blog.

This is the bedroom of Rachel Stuart-Haas:

Again, I am loving these complementary colors. She said she was trying to evoke the feeling of being underwater, with bright creatures floating by…I think she succeeded, don’t you? Also, it reminds me of a room I had once, with the walls glazed the color of a Dali evening sky…

Here is a corner in Monica’s home:

I love the colors (that pale gray and citrus again, mixed with a little pale blue–yum!) and also the texture. It’s a fabulous arrangement. She mentions in the e-zine that she finds all this amazing stuff in the attic of her house! Lucky girl…:) She has a wonderful blog as well.

Here is a corner in Sandra’s home:

The artwork on the top left is her own; isn’t it great? You can see more of it on her website and her blog, where she has some wonderful photographs, too. I love all of the illustrations she has hanging here. Also, this is the color I would love for my bedroom to be next. So dreamy…both she and Monica live in the North, and there is something about that northern light that makes pale, washy colors like this just glow…I wonder if I can recreate the same effect in southern California?

Going through the e-zine and then visiting everyone’s sites just reminded me that there is so much talent out there! I am constantly amazed by my growing list of “must-read” blogs, and flickr contacts, and all the creativity there is to keep on top of! Actually, it’s not even possible to do that, but it’s fun to try. I really encourage you to check out the work of these girls and every person that you can. This is such a fun community to be involved with and such a fun problem to have–more inspiration than you know what to do with!

I was also inspired to share some of the corners of my own home with you. I thought it would be an exercise in looking at my own home in a new way. Also, we *may* be moving soon, so it’s a way to document some of my favorite little areas. There are several little corners of inspiration that I keep, but since this post is getting really long (if you are still reading it!), I will share just a few at a time over a couple of posts.

First, a little corner in my kitchen.

This is a painting I have been working on (I’m ashamed to say) for about a year and a half! It’s a copy of one of my favorite paintings. I found a little postcard with it in the Pompidou, but could never find a print, so I decided to make my own! I love looking at it; now I just need to make time for some painting so I can finish the thing!

Here is another little area in the kitchen:

I love that little doll; she came from a thrift store in Ocean Beach. And of course flowers are always nice to have around.

I will return Monday with a few more for you! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Color Schemes

19 Mar

Recently, I’ve been working on the redesign of a home office/playroom. It’s been a lot of fun, and I wanted to share with you some of the different options I showed the client:

Option 1. Yellow with blue and accents of brown. Blue & brown have been around for a while now, but I think what will keep this look fresh is mixing it with new accent colors and changing the type of blue that is used. Fabrics above are by Romo, Barbara Barry, and Duralee, among others, carpet is by FLOR, table by West Elm and art by the talented Marisa at Creative Thursday.

Option 2. A softer look, with soft greens, reds and a pattern mix. I love the polka dot fabric, which is by Lee Jofa. The others are Duralee, Schumacher, Ralph Lauren, and Kravet, along with a few others. Furniture is by Pottery Barn and the Company Store, carpet by FLOR and paint by Benjamin Moore.

Option 3. My favorite, and luckily the client’s too! Fabrics are Duralee, Kravet & Schumacher, and paint by Benjamin Moore. Art above is by Marisa at Creative Thursday; the piece below is by SuspectShoppe, both on etsy. How about you; which do you like best?

Work is in progress now and I can’t wait to show you the finished result!