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Shop Update!

14 Nov

I’m so excited to announce a new item in my etsy shop–camera cases! 

I’ve been working on this idea for a while now and finally made them a reality!  I just couldn’t wait until Monday to share them with you as I had so much fun making them this week:


They are made to fit a Canon Powershot but I am thinking of perhaps offering some other sizes to fit a few different cameras or iphones/ipods.  What do you think of that idea?  And which one is your favorite?  I would love to hear your feedback!

Henri Hopper has been busy too.  He will have a new item in his shop to share with you next week!  Have a great weekend everyone!

New Camera Case

9 May

I finally made a new case for my camera! You may remember my old one met its end at the seal colony in La Jolla a few months ago.

I missed it and my camera was getting scratched, so I finally made a new one last night:

I’m thinking of adding some of these to my etsy shop. What do you think?